Scrap Romex Prices (64-68% ICW ) in the Market.

Updated: 21 Jul 2023


View the current scrap Romex prices of Wire (64-68% ICW ).

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Scrap Romex Prices:

Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Insulated Copper Wire (40-50% ICW).$1.00/lb
Romex ® Wire (64-68%ICW).$1.70/lb
Open Eye Hollow Heliax (50-52%ICW).$1.35/lb
THHN Cable (74-78%ICW).$2.15/lb
Thin/Thick Cable (79-83%ICW).$2.25/lb
Insulated Cable (84-88%ICW).$2.30/lb

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What is Scrap Romex Wire?

The electrical wire type used in both houses and businesses is scrap Romex wire. It is made up of a hot wire, a neutral wire, and a ground wire, all of which are enclosed in a non-metallic outer sheath. The copper in the conductors of Romex wire is its most precious component.

Scrap Romex Prices

The Importance of Scrap Romex Prices Wire:

Romex wire recycling is important because of several reasons. First off, copper is a limited resource that may be saved for future generations by recycling. Romex wire recycling also lessens the demand for new copper mining, which has a large impact on the environment. Last but not least, recycling used Romex wire promotes the circular economy and lessens waste.

Factors Affecting Scrap Romex Prices

The market’s capacity for scrap romex price is caused by some factors. These consist of:

The market price of copper is the main factor affecting the scrap Romex price. Geopolitical events, economic conditions, and global demand and supply all affect copper prices.

Quantity and Quality of Copper

The amount of copper and the quality of it in your scrap Romex wire will have a big impact on its Romex scrap prices. Usually, cleaner installation and more copper produce better values.

Location and Demand

The cost of scrap metal may change based on where you live and the level of demand for copper there. Higher copper demand areas typically have greater Romex scrap prices.

Economic Factors of Scrap Romex Prices

Economic conditions, such as inflation and currency exchange rates, can influence scrap Romex wire prices. During economic downturns, metal prices may drop, affecting the value of scrap wire.

Conclusion of Scrap Romex Prices:

Knowing that Romex wire contains a significant amount of copper, recycling it is both financially and environmentally beneficial. You may increase your profits by knowing what influences the price of trash Romex wire and using best practices while managing and selling it.

How much is scrap Romex wire worth?

Romex wire quality and the previous factors, such as copper market changes, affect the value of scrap Romex wire. The simplest way to get the most exact rates is by talking with nearby consumers.

Can I recycle scrap Romex wire myself?

Romex wire scrap can be recycled on your own, but selling it to a company that buys scrap is more practical and effective.

Can I sell Romex wire with damaged insulation?

Romex wire with broken insulation may be accepted by some buyers, but for the highest pricing, it is advisable to sell clean, damaged wire.

Are there any health risks associated with handling scrap Romex wire?

Romex wire scrap handling offers a small risk of cuts or damage. These dangers can be cut by taking safety procedures.

What are the alternatives to selling scrap Romex wire?

Instead of disposing of extra Romex wire, think about using it for do-it-yourself projects or giving away it to groups that support recycling and recycling.

Abdul Waheed BABAR

Abdul Waheed BABAR

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