Current prices of scrap copper (Tubing/Flashing)

Updated: 07 Jul 2023


These are prices of scrap copper (Tubing/Flashing).

Current Price:


Monthly Price:


Copper per pound price:

Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Bare Bright Wire$3.40/lb
Copper Tubing/Flashing$3.20/lb
Copper Tubing/Bus-Bar$3.00/lb
Roofing Copper$2.85/lb
Brass ( Plumbing, Pipe)$2.05/lb

What is Copper Tubing/Flashing?

The specific grade of copper commonly used in many different sectors and applications is referred to as copper tubing/flashing. It contains purity levels and is known as the best copper scrap. Due to its high quality and flexibility, this form is copper is often collected from natural, unalloyed, and free copper sources.

Installation process:

To make sure correct installation and improve performance, specific procedures should be followed when installing copper tubing/flashing. An overview of the installation method is provided below:

Measure and Cut:

Using the correct tools, pinpoint the needed length of copper tubing or flashing.

Throughout the area:

To ensure a safe and dry connection, clean the area where the tubing or flashing will be installed of any dirt, particles, or pollution.

Protect and Solder:

Using the right connectors, attach the tubing or flashing to the specified devices, making sure each connection is secure and dependable. Apply solder to make a secure connection.

Test for Leaks:

After installation, give the system a close check to look for any leaks. Running water or air through the system to test it.

Prices of scrap copper pipe:

According to a number of factors, including market demand, metal composition, and current economic conditions, different scrap copper pipe prices. Copper Pipe price scrap typically commands a competitive price in the recycling market due to its high copper content. It is advisable to check with nearby scrap yards or recycling facilities to receive an exact quote because prices can vary regionally. Keep in mind that greater prices are often paid for larger amounts of scrap copper pipes.

Maintenance and Care:

The useful life and performance of copper tubing/flashing can be greatly improved with proper care and treatment. Here are some crucial pointers:

Regular Inspection:

Check the tubing and flashing at all times to time for leaks, damage, or other damage. Any problems should be resolved right away to avoid future harm.


Use a soft cloth and detergent to clean the tubing/flashing surface. Abrasive cleaners and tools that can damage or harm copper should be used.

Harmful acts:

Apply protective coatings or sealer made especially for copper to increase its immunity from ruining and declining in the elements.

Keep Harsh Chemicals at Bay:

Avoid using harsh or acidic chemicals on the copper since they may cause color or damage.

Can we recycle copper tubing or flashing?

Yes, copper tubing and flashing are highly recyclable, helping to promote environmentally friendly methods and preserving resources.

Is copper tubing or flashing safe for use outdoors?

Absolutely! Because of their strength and refusal to corrode, copper tubing and flashing is a great options for outdoor use.

Can you solder copper tubing or flashing?

Yes, soldering copper tubing and flashing are simple with the right tools and methods.

How long does copper tubing/flashing typically last?

Copper tubing and flashing can survive for a number of a long time, if not longer, with careful installation and maintenance.

Where can I buy copper flashing and tubing?

Plumbing supply shops, hardware stores, and online markets all carry copper tubing/flashing. Check stock with suppliers nearby.


it should be noted that copper tubing and flashing is a highly useful and flexible material used in a variety of fields and applications. It is the best option for plumbing, electrical, construction, and HVAC systems, among other things, thanks to its remarkable qualities, including high purity, durability, and corrosion resistance. You may maximize the use of copper tubing/flashing in your projects while creating economy by being aware of its installation, maintenance, and safety requirements.

Abdul Waheed BABAR

Abdul Waheed BABAR

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