Current Scrap metal price in the market.

Updated: 16 Jun 2023


Due to the present condition of the market, these metal scrap prices remain accurate as of the current date but are always subject to change.


In every region of the world, recycling efforts depend heavily on scrap metal. The interest price of scrap metals is increasing along with the drive for ethical methods. Let’s check more closely what affects the metal scrapping price in the market.

All metal scrap prices price of scrap metals:


Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Aluminum Siding/ Gutters$0.55/lb
Sheet Aluminum$0.47/lb
All Aluminum rims$0.55-$0.70/lb
Cast Aluminum$0.45/lb
Clean Aluminum Wire$0.60/lb
Al Thermo-pane/break (Not Glass).$0.33/lb
Al Litho Plates$0.52/lb
Al Machine Cuts$0.42-$0.60/lb
Aluminum Grills$0.45/lb
6063 Bare Aluminum$0.65/lb
AL Turnings$0.15-$0.30/lb
Aluminum Transformers$0.05/lb
Dirty Aluminum$0.04-$0.08/lb

Other Metals:

Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Car Batteries$0.13-$0.16/lb
304 Stainless Steel (Non-Magnetic)$0.35/lb
316 Stainless Steel (Non-Magnetic)$0.60/lb
Lead Wheel Weights$0.10/lb
Scrap generators$0.02-$0.15/lb
Circuit BreakersPrices Vary


Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Car Batteries$0.13-$0.16/lb
Lead Backup Batteries$0.13-$0.18/lb
Forklift Batteries$0.10/lb
Steel Case Batteries$0.10-$0.16/lb
Cell Site Lead Batteries$0.10-$0.16/lb
Absolyte batteries$0.08/lb

Catalytic Converter:

Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Large Foreign Cat$76-$455/each
XL foreign Cat$205-$304/each
Regular Domestic Cat$18-$132/each
Large GM Cat$105-$285/each
Flow Cats$14.999-$450/each
Bead Cat$18-$247/each
Small Foreign Cat$15-$217/each
Pre-Domestic Cat$18-$93/each
Foreign Pre-Cat$16-$277/each
High-Grade` Domestic Cat$40-$608/each
Small GM cat$18-$79/each
Small Bread loaf Cat$57-$304/each
Small Domestic cat$26-$170/each
Large Chrysler Cat$99-$275.999/each
Small Foil/Wire$18-$86/each
Large foil/Wire Cat$76-$341/each
HaIf CatVaries, Ask
Aftermarket Cat$10/each
Diesel cat$15-$484/each
PDF Catalytic Converter$9-$769/each
Foil/Wire Pre$6-$58/each

Steel & Iron:

Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Light Iron$150-$210/GT
Cast Iron$195-$225/GT
Brake Rotors$225/GT

Computer Scraps:

Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Clean Green Motherboards$1.75/lb
Mid-Grade Boards$1.25/lb
Memory Chips$6.50-$9.00/lb
CPU Processor Chips$4.00-$50/lb
Whole Computer Towers w/HD$0.20/lb
Power Supplies (w/wires).$0.25/lb
Hard drives w/Board$0.55/lb
Hard Drive PC Boards$3.50/lb
Telecom Equipment$0.15-$0.35/lb
Back panels$2.00-$5.50/lb
Low-Grade Non-PC Boards$0.10/lb
Insulated Wires$0.55-$1.05/lb
Computer Wire$0.40/lb
Al Heat Sinks$0.45/lb

Rare Earth Metal Prices:

Carbide Insert & Shapes$6.75-$7.75/lb
FSX 414$8.50/lb
High Speed Steel$0.15-$0.75/lb
Hastelloy Shavings$2.85-$7.65/lb
Tin Solder$1.85-$7.00/lb
Alnico Magnets$0.75-$1.05/lb
Hastelloy Solids$2.50-$5.68/lb

Factors Affecting Metal Scrap Prices:

These are some factors on which metal scrap prices depend:

  • Global Economic Condition:

The scrap metal price has a strong relationship with the current condition of the world economy overall. The demand for raw materials, such as metal, generally increases during times of economic growth, which raises the price of scrap metal. On the other side, demand for metal scrap prices declines during downturns in the economy, which causes reduced metal scrap prices.

  • Supply and Demand Dynamics:

Metal scrap price and the state of the world market are closely connected. When the economy is growing, there is typically a rise in demand for raw materials, mainly metal, which raises the scrap metal price.

  • Currency Exchanges Rate:

Currency exchange rates can have an impact on the scrap metal price since it is traded on international markets. Changes in exchange rates between nations can affect the price of metal imports and exports, which has an influence on metal scrap prices.

Market Conditions

The present condition of the economy as a whole affects the price of scrap metals. Industries require more raw resources, especially scrap metals, during times of economic expansion, which raises prices. On the other hand, economic downturns may result in lower prices and decreased demand.

Historical Overview

Over the years, the price of scrap metals has changed between times of stability and instability. According to past trends, major shifts in the marketplace and world events can affect metal scrapping prices.

Recent Price Fluctuations

The recent price of scrap metals changes in the industrial industry, environmental laws, and trade conflicts have all had an impact on the metal scrapping prices market.

The Role of Technology in the Price of Scrap Metals

Online Pricing Tools

Technology has completely changed how scrap metal prices are determined. Real-time access to price data has been made possible by the development of online tools, greatly enhancing the ability of sellers to make wise knowledgeable choices. It is important to recognize how this technical development has changed the metal scrapping prices sector.

Transparency and Convenience

Online markets increase price transparency for metal scrapping prices by making more simpler to compare costs between buyers. By helping informed decision-making and equal profits, this convenience benefits both buyers and sellers in the market.


In conclusion, these price of scrap metals—which are current and accurate—are constantly subject to change as a result of market, economic, and geopolitical circumstances. The wide variety of materials and their varied values highlight how complex the metal scrapping price is. These prices are influenced by the economy as a whole, supply-demand dynamics, exchange rates, and technical improvements. The transparent and practical nature of technology has completely changed how metal scrap prices are found and choices are made in the volatile metal scrap market.

Abdul Waheed BABAR

Abdul Waheed BABAR

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