Current Scrap Price on Catalytic Converter in the Market.

Updated: 21 Jun 2023


Catalytic converters are essential for lowering unsafe emissions from vehicles. These elements’ worth extends above their favorable effects on the ecosystem, though. Catalytic converters are in high demand on the scrap metal market as a result of the increasing need for precious metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium. Let’s discuss the Scrap Price on Catalytic Converter.

Current Scrap Price on Catalytic Converter:

These scrap price for catalytic converter are current as of today’s date and are subject to change, at any time due to outstanding market conditions.

 Current Scrap Price on Catalytic Converter:

Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Large Foreign Cat$76-$455/each
XL foreign Cat$205-$304/each
Regular Domestic Cat$18-$132/each
Large GM Cat$105-$285/each
Flow Cats$14.999-$450/each
Bead Cat$18-$247/each
Small Foreign Cat$15-$217/each
Pre-Domestic Cat$18-$93/each
Foreign Pre-Cat$16-$277/each
High-Grade Domestic Cat$40-$608/each
Small GM cat$40-$608/each
Small Bread loaf Cat$57-$304/each
Small Domestic cat$26-$170/each
Large Chrysler Cat$99-$275.999/each
Small Foil/Wire$18-$86/each
Large foil/Wire Cat$76-$341/each
HaIf CatVaries, Ask
Aftermarket Cat$10/each
Diesel cat$15-$484/each
PDF catalytic Converter$9-$769/each
Foil/Wire Pre$6-$58/each

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Factor affecting the Scrap Price on Catalytic Converter:

Scrap Price on Catalytic Converter
  • Precious metal Content

The precious metals found inside catalytic converters are the main factor contributing to their worth. Within the converters, platinum, palladium, and rhodium work as catalysts to speed up the chemical processes that change hazardous gases into less dangerous ones. Due to their limited supply and high extraction costs, these metals are in high demand on the market. A catalytic converter increases in value as its precious metal content rises.

  • Metal purity and Condition

The purity and state of the catalytic converter also impact its scrap value as well as its precious metal content. Scrap yards and recyclers want converters in good shape with little physical damage or contamination. Higher-purity metals are more expensive since they are simpler to process and produce more refined products.

  • The vehicle makes and models

Different car manufacturers and models use catalytic converters made of different combinations of precious metals. While some models may have more palladium or rhodium than others, some models may contain higher levels of platinum. Anyone may accurately estimate the potential worth of their scrap converters by doing some research and identifying the catalytic converters used in particular automobiles.

Environmental Impact of Catalytic Converter Recycling:

Catalytic converter recycling has major environmental advantages:

Reducing the use of resources:

Converter recycling reduces the need for new manufacturing, conserving energy and precious metal resources.

Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases:

Catalytic converters help to reduce climate change by allowing cleaner emissions and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Promote Responsible Recycling:

Catalytic converter recycling is encouraged as a good practice for sustainability and ethical waste management.

Future of Catalytic Converters and Scrap Prices:

The need for catalytic converters and the price of scrap might be affected by changes in automobile technology, especially the growth of electric vehicles:

Technical Developments:

Technology advancements in catalytic converters might result in more efficiency and less use of precious metals.

The Effect of Electric Vehicles:

The market for conventional catalytic converters could fall as electric vehicles gain popularity, which might affect scrap prices.


Vehicle catalytic converters are essential instruments for cutting emissions and creating cleaner air. Sellers may make informed decisions when managing the recycling market by being aware of the elements that affect scrap price for catalytic converter. People may assist the circular economy and protect the environment by supporting ethical recycling methods and being wary of frauds.

How much can I expect to get for my old catalytic converter?

The scrap value depends on several variables, including the amount of precious metal, market demand, and the converter’s state. To get an exact price, it is necessary to get several estimates from trusted purchasers.

Are all catalytic converters the same?

No, the amount of precious metals in catalytic converters varies, and this affects how much they are worth as scrap. Converters in various cars may include different amounts of metal.

Abdul Waheed BABAR

Abdul Waheed BABAR

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