Current Price of Open Eye Hollow Heliax Cable.

Updated: 17 Jul 2023


View the Current price of the Open Eye Hollow Heliax Cable.

Current Price of Heliax cable


Monthly Price Heliax cable.


Price of Celiax Cable

Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Insulated Copper Wire (40-50% ICW).$1.00/lb
Romex ® Wire (64-68%ICW).$1.70/lb
Open Eye Hollow Heliax (50-52%ICW).$1.35/lb
THHN Cable (74-78%ICW).$2.15/lb
Thin/Thick Cable (79-83%ICW).$2.25/lb
Insulated Cable (84-88%ICW).$2.30/lb

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Understanding Open Eye Hollow Heliax Cable

A specifically created coaxial cable called Open Eye Hollow Heliax is used to transmit radio frequency communications with the least amount of loss and interference. With less attenuation and greater signal quality over long distances, its special hollow middle cable structure enables better signal transmission. Because of this, Open Eye Hollow Heliax is perfect for a variety of uses, such as wireless communication, broadcast systems, and networks of cells.

Importance of Heliax Cable in the Telecommunication Industry

Because of the effective transfer of signals, this industry mainly relies on Open Eye Hollow Heliax. It helps for creating trustworthy connections and maintains communication networks due to its low loss and excellent power-handling capabilities. Heliax is essential to keeping constant and uninterrupted communication, whether it be for satellite communication, radio and television broadcasts, or mobile networks.

Open Eye Hollow Heliax Cable

Several factors contribute to the pricing of Open Eye Hollow Heliax Cable:

Open Eye Hollow Heliax’s price is affected by a number of factors, like:

Cost of Raw Materials Heliax Cable:

The price of the copper and aluminum used to make Heliax can have an impact on the product’s price.

Manufacturing Complexity:

Heliax’s complex design and construction may call for specialized tools and knowledge, which could raise the cost of manufacturing.

Market Demand:

The price of Heliax may change depending on changes in demand. Prices rise when there is more demand, but when there is less demand, prices could be more competitive.

Competitive Environment:

The existence of many suppliers and producers in the market may have an impact on pricing tactics, with competition perhaps lowering prices.

Inflation and Currency Exchange Rates:

Economic variables like inflation and exchange rates for currencies can have an impact on the total cost of producing and importing Heliax.

The pricing and availability of Open Eye Hollow Heliax are affected by shifting trends in the market. Certain important market trends include:

Increased Bandwidth Requirements: 

A greater requirement for Open Eye Hollow Heliax that can accommodate higher bandwidths has arisen as a result of the rising need for high-speed data transmission.

Advancements in 5G Technology:

The installation of 5G networks requires high-performance, dependable communication facilities which is what is driving the demand for Open Eye Hollow Heliax.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Solutions: 

As sustainable practices gain popularity, there is a growing need for eco-friendly Heliax solutions that are low-impact on the environment and deliver high energy efficiency.

Technological Advancements: 

Ongoing research and development in the Heliax technology field may result in updated models, which could have an impact on the cost of current models.

Conclusion of Healiax cable:

Hollow Eye Open Heliax is a crucial part of the communication sector, enabling effective signal transmission and securing trustworthy communication networks. Raw material costs, manufacturing complexity, market demand, and the competitive environment all have an impact on Heliax’s pricing. Buyers can make informed judgments while taking into account their unique requirements and budget by staying up to date on market trends and performing comparative analysis.

What is Open Eye Hollow Heliax?

Heavily used in the telecommunications sector, Open Eye Hollow Heliax is a coaxial cable created for effective high-frequency signal transmission.

How does Open Eye Hollow Heliax differ from regular coaxial cables?

Through a unique hollow center conductor structure, Open Eye Hollow Heliax offers better signal transmission with lower noise.

What factors affect the price of Open Eye Hollow Heliax?

The cost of raw materials, the complex nature of the production process, market demand, the level of competition, and the state of the economy all have an impact on the cost of Open Eye Hollow Heliax.

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