Current Price of Thhn wire (74%- 78% ICW)

Updated: 25 Jul 2023


Given geographic and market conditions, the current pricing range of ThhN Wire with an Insulated Copper Wire (ICW) content ranges from 74% to 78% changes. According to the most recent data, the cost is between $X and $Y per foot, with potential variances based on the provider and area.

Current Price


Monthly Price


Current Price of Thhn Wire (74%- 78% ICW) Per Pound

Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Insulated Copper Wire (40-50% ICW).$1.00/lb
Romex ® Wire (64-68%ICW).$1.70/lb
Open Eye Hollow Heliax (50-52%ICW).$1.35/lb
THHN Cable (74-78%ICW).$2.15/lb
Thin/Thick Cable (79-83%ICW).$2.25/lb
Insulated Cable (84-88%ICW).$2.30/lb

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Factors Affecting the Current Price of THHN Wire.

There are quite many factors that affect the pricing of THHN wires today. The price of raw resources, such as copper and thermoplastic polymers, is one of the main deciding factors. Additionally, changes in supply and demand on the market may have an effect on the cable’s overall cost.

Current Price of Thhn Wire (74%- 78% ICW)

Proper Handling and Installation of THHN Wire

It is important to keep to proper handling and installation practices when performing electrical installations for your safety. To avoid accidents and make sure the wire is placed properly, electricians must take the necessary safety measures.

Common Applications of Thhn Wire:

THHN wires have a wide range of uses in both domestic and professional settings. It is frequently employed for wiring houses and apartments in everyday life. THHN Wire is used in a variety of electrical systems for commercial purposes, which helps organizations run better.

The THHN Wires business will continue to experience advances in both materials and manufacturing techniques as technology advances. The performance, safety, and beneficial environmental impact of the cable will probably be the main areas of research.


In conclusion, because of its high conductivity, thermal insulation, and quality of life, Thwn wire continues to be a top choice for electrical installations. The need for trustworthy and effective power lines becomes critical as electricity demand rises. Consumers must be aware of

Is THHN cable suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, THHN cable is excellent for outdoor applications due to its immunity to water and heat.

Can I use THHN cable for high-voltage installations?

THHN cable fits any number of electrical installations because it comes in different power ratings.

What is the typical lifespan of THHN cable?

THHN cable can last for many years if it is installed and used properly.

Does the price of THHN cable fluctuate frequently?

 Yes, the state of the market and the cost of raw materials might affect the price of THHN cable.

Where can I purchase reliable THHN cable?

Trustworthy electrical suppliers and distributors sell THHN cable.

Abdul Waheed BABAR

Abdul Waheed BABAR

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