Current Price of Scrap Aluminum in the scrap market.

Updated: 17 Jun 2023



Scrap aluminum is one of the most valuable recycling materials. Because of its high demand and wide range of uses, aluminum is in high demand across a variety of industries. It is also lightweight, soft, and has good corrosion resistance due to this property aluminum has high demand and reliable price of scrap aluminum in the scrap market.

Current Price Per Pound Aluminum:

Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Aluminum Siding/ Gutters$0.55/lb
Sheet Aluminum$0.47/lb
All Aluminum rims$0.55-$0.70/lb
Cast Aluminum$0.45/lb
Clean Aluminum Wire$0.60/lb
Al Thermo-pane/break (Not Glass).$0.33/lb
Al Litho Plates$0.52/lb
Al Machine Cuts$0.42-$0.60/lb
Aluminum Grills$0.45/lb
6063 Bare Aluminum$0.65/lb
AL Turnings$0.15-$0.30/lb
Aluminum Transformers$0.05/lb
Dirty Aluminum$0.04-$0.08/lb

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Factors Affecting the price of scrap aluminum:

The scrap prices for aluminium are impacted by several factors. Individuals and companies can make educated decisions for recycling and selling waste aluminum by being aware of these factors. Here are a few important ones:

price of scrap aluminum

 Market demand affects the price of scrap aluminum.

The price of scrap aluminium is impacted by demand overall. Prices generally rise in response to rising demand, but they can also fall in response to decreased demand.

Global Economic Condition Price of scrap aluminum:

Price of scrap aluminium may be impacted by economic factors including GDP growth, inflation rates, and trade policies. In general, stable and strong economic growth increases the demand for aluminum.

Commonly Exchange Rates affect the price of scrap aluminum:

Changes in the exchange rate for currencies, mainly those affecting the US dollar, have an impact on price of scrap aluminium. Scrap aluminium price often increase when the currency is weaker.

Energy Costs affect the price of scrap aluminum.

An important cost component in the production of aluminum is the energy needed. The price of aluminum scrap may vary depending on energy prices.

Scrap Aluminum Supply:

The price for scrap aluminum is affected by its availability. The impact on prices from increased supply can be negative, while pressure on prices from decreased supply can be positive.

Locating Scrap Aluminum for Recycling:

For people or companies wishing to recycle aluminum and make money from it, finding sources of aluminum scrap is essential. Here are some typical locations to locate scrap aluminum.

Household Items:

Scrap aluminum may be found in aluminum cans, foil, out-of-date kitchenware, and appliances.

Constructions Sites:

Scrap aluminum from building projects is frequently produced in the shape of gutters, window frames, and other building supplies.

Automotive Scrap:

Engines, wheels, and radiators made of aluminum may be collected at auto repair shops, scrap yards, and rubbish dumps.

Industrial Surplus:

 Aluminum waste is produced throughout the manufacturing process in several sectors. A regular supply of scrap aluminum may be obtained by getting in touch with local manufacturers or manufacturing companies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the current price of aluminum scrap?

The current price of scrap aluminum is $0.15 – $0.60 but it depending on the current market situation.

How we can determind price of aluminum scrap?

The cost of energy, the availability of supplies, market demand, and global economic circumstances are some of the factors that affect the price of scrap aluminum.

What types of scrap aluminum fetch the highest prices?

Clean and pure aluminum scrap, which comes from cans or extrusions, typically gets higher prices. Specific aluminum alloys may be priced more by specific companies if they have certain characteristics.

Abdul Waheed BABAR

Abdul Waheed BABAR

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