Current Price of Fire Wire (58-62% ICW)

Updated: 09 Aug 2023


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Fire Wire (58-62% ICW) Price Per Pound

Metal/MaterialCurrent Prices
Insulated Cable (84-88%ICW).$2.30/lb
500-750 MCM (Bare Bright Inside) –(88-93%ICW)$2.50/lb
Insulated Steel BX$0.35/lb
Fire Wire (58-62%ICW).$1.10/lb
Aluminum BX $1.20/lb
Car Harness Wires (48-52%ICW).$1.00/lb

What is FireWire (58-62% ICW)?

The only type of electrical wire created to cope with high temperatures and stop the spread of fires is called firewire, sometimes known as fire-resistant wire. It is constructed of many types of parts, with 58–62% inorganic compounds by weight (ICW) making up a great deal of the composition. Fire Wire’s strong resistance to high heat and flames is a result of its special composition, which makes it the best option for situations where fire safety is crucial.

Current Price of Fire Wire (58-62% ICW)

depending on a number of elements, including changes in the manufacturing process, raw material availability, and market demand, the cost of fire wire might alter over time. It is very important to keep an eye on current price trends and spot any prospective changes that could have an impact on purchasing selections if you want to make wise choices.

Factors Influencing Fire Wire Prices

The cost of Fire Wire on the market is influenced by a number of factors. The price of raw materials, improvements in fire-resistant technology, and changes in international fire safety laws all have a big impact on the price of fire wire. The dynamics of supply and demand can also be affected by economic conditions and geopolitical developments, which can have a further impact on prices.

Tips for Making Smart Purchases

It is important to know the exact requirements and demands of the project or application where Fire Wire will be used before making a purchase. Making an informed choice will be made easier if you are aware of the necessary length, measure, and temperature rating. The manufacturer’s accreditations and respect for safety regulations should also be taken into account to further increase the product’s dependability.

Where to Buy Fire Wire (58-62% ICW)?

It is necessary to get Fire Wire from trusted and reliable suppliers. To meet the needs of various industries, a number of specialized producers and sellers produce Fire Wire with a range of standards. To get the best value without sacrificing quality, it is advised to undertake extensive research and compare costs from different sellers.


A wonderful fire-resistant material that is essential to improving fire safety in many different kinds of industries is fire wire (58–62% ICW). It is an essential component in electrical systems, automobiles, aircraft, and marine applications due to its special composition and characteristics. When buying, handling, and installing fire wire, great care should be taken to achieve the highest level of safety and quality. Fire Wire is positioned to maintain its position as a crucial component in fire prevention and protection as technology develops and public awareness of safety rises.

Faqs About Current Price of Fire Wire (58-62% ICW)

How can I identify genuine Fire Wire products?

To confirm the reliability of Fire Wire items, search for reliable manufacturers and look for certification labels.

Does Fire Wire require special installation procedures?

Although Fire Wire can be put in much the same way as regular electrical wire, it is best to get the advice of a qualified electrician to ensure appropriate installation.

Can Fire Wire be used outdoors?

There is fire wire available for outdoor use. It is designed specifically to survive exposed to the elements of the environment.

Is Fire Wire suitable for residential applications?

It is possible to use fire wire in home applications, particularly in high-risk locations like kitchens and electrical panels.

Abdul Waheed BABAR

Abdul Waheed BABAR

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