Current Price of Copper Yokes in the Market

Updated: 13 Jul 2023


Scrap Copper Yokes Prices:

Current Price of Copper Yoke:


Monthly Price of Copper Yoke:


Current Scrap Copper Yokes Prices per pound:

Metal/MaterialCurrent Prices
Aluminum/Copper Coil (Dirty ACR Fin).$1.20/lb
Copper yokes$0.45/lb
Copper Transformers$0.20-$0.30/lb
Small Electric Motors$0.17-$0.25/lb
Alternators / Starters$0.35/lb
Sealed Units$0.15/lb

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What Are Scrap Copper Yokes?

The coils formed from copper that are present in the neck part of CRT televisions and monitors are referred to as “scrap copper yokes.” The electromagnetic field required for the screen’s proper operation must be generated and controlled by these copper yoke. They are constructed from premium copper wire wrapped around a ferrite core. The copper yokes can be removed for recycling when these electronic devices quit working or become old.

Copper Yokes Scrap

The Value of Scrap Copper Yokes:

Scrap copper yoke have significance because they contain copper. Due to its great electrical conductivity and malleability, copper is a highly sought-after metal in the recycling industry. Copper remains in great demand because it is used to make a variety of consumer devices, electrical wires, and industrial gear. Recycling used copper yokes serves to both meet this need and conserve natural resources by lowering the requirement for new copper extraction.

The Technique for Recycling Old Copper Yokes:

Scrap copper yokes must go through several stages in the recycling process. To remove the yokes, the CRT televisions and monitors must first be separated. After that, the yokes are manually or automatically removed from other parts like glass tubes and plastic casings. The copper yokes go through several processing steps after being separated, including shredding, granulating, and sorting. These procedures help with converting the yokes into materials rich in copper that can be utilized in the production of new items by lowering the requirement for new copper extraction.

The Effects of Scrap Copper Yokes on the Environment:

Recycling used copper yokes benefits the environment. We avoid the release of hazardous materials into the environment by keeping these parts out of landfills. If not handled properly, dangerous substances like lead, phosphor, and cadmium found in CRT devices can contaminate soil and water. Recycling makes ensuring that these materials are disposed of safely and reduces the need for new mining operations, reducing the environmental impact of copper extraction.

Help on How to Sell Scrap Copper Yokes:

To increase your earnings if you have scrap copper yokes to sell, take into consideration the following advice:

  • Separate the yokes: For simpler handling and shipping, remove the copper yokes from the CRT devices and keep them separate.
  • Yokes should be cleaned if you want to sell them for more money. Make sure there is no additional plastic, dirt, or other contamination on the yokes.
  • Find a reliable buyer by searching for copper recycling-specific scrap metal dealers or recycling facilities. Choose a buyer who gives affordable rates after comparing pricing.
  • Check the laws in your area: Learn about the rules and restrictions that apply to the sale of scrap metal in your area. Certain licenses or permits can be necessary in some places.


Copper yokes made from scrap have value on their own and are important for the environment. These yokes can be recycled to help protect natural resources, decrease trash going to waste dumps and meet the need for copper across a range of sectors. Individuals and companies can both gain economically and environmentally by following to best procedures when buying, selling, and handling scrap copper yokes.

Abdul Waheed BABAR

Abdul Waheed BABAR

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