Current Price of Computer Wire Scrap Price ( 27-35% ICW)

Updated: 08 Aug 2023


View of the current Price of the Computer Wire Scraps Price (27-35%ICW)

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Computer Scraps Wire Price Per Pound

Metal/MaterialCurrent Prices
Fire Wire (58-62%ICW).$1.10/lb
Aluminum BX$1.20/lb
Car Harness Wires (48-52%ICW).$1.00/lb
Christmas Lights (10-15% ICW).$0.20/lb
Computer Wire (27-35%ICW)$0.40/lb
Cat 5/6 (40-45%ICW)$0.70/lb


The destruction and repurposing of electronic trash have become more important at a time when technological breakthroughs are taking place at an amazing rate. In this sense, computer wire scrap often regarded as a valuable source of recyclable materials holds particular importance. In this paper, the 27-35% Insulated Copper Wire (ICW) category is made clear in the present pricing dynamics of computer wire trash.

Current Price of Computer Wire Scrap Price ( 27-35% ICW)

Let’s Learn Understanding Computer Wire Scraps in detail let’s start with understanding computer wire scraps

Understanding Computer Wire Scrap

Understand computer Wire Scrap In detail;

Definition of ICW

The term “insulated copper wire” (ICW) describes copper wiring that is protected by insulation. Appliances, computers, televisions, and other electronic equipment all frequently contain it. Insulation must be removed from ICW in order to access the copper content’s useful components.

Composition of Computer Wire Scrap:

Scrap computer wire is a composite material made of copper conductors encased in different kinds of insulation. Each type of insulation material requires a particular recycling process, ranging from rubber compounds to plastics. The value and recyclability of the scrap are directly impacted by this compositional variability.

Current Price Trends
These are some price trends:
  • Historical Price Overview

The pricing trends of computer wire scrap across time show trends of risk influenced by world events, technological developments, and currency changes.

  • Influential Geographical Markets

Due to national supply and demand dynamics, governmental frameworks, and economic variables, the price of computer wire scrap can change dramatically across various geographic markets.

Factors Affecting the Price of Computer Wire Scrap

These are some factors affecting the price of computer wire scraps;

Global Demand for Copper:

An important industrial metal, copper is used in a variety of industries, including electronics and construction. The price of computer wire scrap is greatly influenced by the shifting global demand for copper.

The economics of supply and demand are crucial for figuring out how much computer wire scrap is worth. The dynamic pricing environment is influenced by a variety of factors, including market movements, global developments, and economic conditions.

Technological Advancements in Recycling

Technology advancements in recycling have an impact on how effectively valuable materials are recovered from computer wire scrap. The quantity and quality of recovered copper can be improved by advanced techniques, which will affect its market value.

Benefits of Recycling Computer Wire Scrap
  • Resource Conservation:

Recycling ICW reduces the demand for additional copper mining and reduces the environmental effect by saving precious natural resources.

  • Reduction of Landfill Waste:

Recycling computer wire scrap helps to promote healthy waste management strategies by reducing the quantity of e-waste that ends up in waste areas.

  • Economic Incentives:

Recycling computer wire scrap results in the extraction of valuable materials and lower costs for the manufacturing of raw materials, which has a positive economic impact.

Challenges in the Recycling Process:
  • Collection and Sorting

excellent computer wire junk recycling requires excellent collection and sorting systems. The large number of parts that make up e-waste can make sorting hard.

  • Environmental and Health Concerns

The transport and treatment of electronic trash have health and environmental dangers that must be considered during the recycling process.


Many factors, including the need for copper globally, market trends, and technical improvements, have an impact on the price of computer wire scrap today, especially within the 27-35% Insulated Copper Wire (ICW) category. Recycling computer wire waste is not only beneficial environmentally and economically, but it also helps protect natural resources. The significance of ethical e-waste recycling cannot be understated as technology develops.

Faqs About The Computer Wire Scrap

How is the price of computer wire scrap determined?

Issues including copper purity, worldwide demand, and market movements affect the price.

Can I recycle computer wire scrap at home?

Due to the nature of the situation, it is advised not to depend on expert recycling facilities even though it is technically possible.

What is the role of government regulations in e-waste recycling?

Environmental factors, recycling standards, and practices are shaped by government regulations.

Are there any health risks associated with handling computer wire scrap?

 Yes, careless handling may harm the environment and human health, which highlights the importance of ethical recycling.

Abdul Waheed BABAR

Abdul Waheed BABAR

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