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Updated: 08 Jul 2023


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Brass Water Meter Price Per Pound

Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Bare Bright Wire$3.40/lb
Copper Tubing/Flashing$3.20/lb
Copper Tubing/Bus-Bar$3.00/lb
Roofing Copper$2.85/lb
Brass ( Plumbing, Pipe)$2.05/lb

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What is a Brass Water Meter? 

A brass water meter is a very precise device used to measure the water flow in a pipeline. A turbine or rotor system brass protection and a register to show water usage are its standard components. Brass is the chosen material for making water meters because of its strength, resistance to rust, and price.

Brass Water Meter

How Does a Brass Water Meter Work?

The volume calculating theory explains the operation of brass water meters. The turbine or pump rotates according to the water velocity as it is driven by the water flowing through the pipeline as it moves through it. The register then receives the rotation and records the amount of water that has passed through the meter. Water consumption is accurately tracked by the register’s readings.

benefits of Brass Water Meter

Compared to other types of meters, brass water meters provide a number of benefits. Here are several major advantages:

  • Durability: The outstanding strength and immunity to corrosion of brass water meters ensure long-term performance and accuracy.
  • Accuracy: Correct measurements from these meters allow for correct billing and effective water management. Brass water meters are lower in price than other materials, providing a balance between cost and performance.
  • Easy Installation: Installing these measures only takes a little effort and knowledge.
  • Compatibility: Brass water meters are adaptable for a variety of applications since they are compatible with a wide range of water supply systems.
Can I install a brass water meter myself?

While installing a brass water meter yourself is possible, it is advised to get expert help to ensure proper installation without any issues.

Are brass water meters suitable for both residential and commercial use?

Yes, both personal and business use is compatible with brass water meters. In a variety of conditions, they can precisely measure water use.

Can brass water meters be used for hot water?

Cold water applications are common for brass water meters. It is recommended to select a meter made especially for high-temperature conditions if you need one for hot water.

Are brass water meters tamper-proof?

Brass water meters provide some protection, however, they are not completely tamper-proof. They do, however, have systems in place to stop messing and deliver reliable readings.

Are brass water meters environmentally friendly?

Brass water meters are regarded as environmentally benign because of their extended use life, ability to be recycled, and capacity to boost water utilization through precise measurements.

Abdul Waheed BABAR

Abdul Waheed BABAR

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