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Updated: 12 Jul 2023


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Current Price Brass per pound:


Monthly Price Brass per pound:


Brass shells scrap price per pound:

Metal/MaterialCurrent Prices
Brass Shells$1.90/lb
Brass Water meter$1.45-$2.25/lb
Clean Brass radiator$1.95/lb
Dirty Brass Faucets$0.65/lb
Aluminum/Copper Coil (Clean ACR Fin).$1.55/lb
Aluminum/Copper Coil (Dirty ACR Fin).$1.20/lb

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What are Brass rounds?

Brass rounds, which are frequently used in ammunition, are in high demand in the scrap metal industry. Copper and zinc are combined to create the alloy known as brass, which is strong, corrosion-resistant, and simple to work with. Brass shells are an essential product in the scrap market because of their value qualities, which allow them to be recycled to make new items.

brass shells scrap price

Factors Influencing Brass Shells Scrap Price:

These are some factors that affect the price of Brass shells in the market:

  • Global Demand for Brass:

The price of brass is greatly affected by its global demand. The fundamental law of supply and demand is in functioning, just like it is with any other good or service. Brass shell prices typically increase as demand for them grows. On the other hand, if demand falls, prices can rise.

  • Copper and Zinc Prices

Since copper and zinc compose the majority of brass, changes in these metals’ pricing have a direct effect on the price of brass shells. On the markets for commodities, copper and zinc are exchanged, and changes in their price have an impact on the scrap metal market.

  • Purity and Quality

The purity and quality of the brass shells also have an important effect on how much they are worth as scrap. Brass shells will sell for more money on the market if they have a higher copper content and fewer impurities.

  • Scrap Metal Market Conditions

The price of scrap brass shells is also influenced by the overall condition of the scrap metal market. The demand for and prices of various types of scrap metal, including brass shells, can be influenced by monetary stability, industrial output, and governmental regulations.

Pricing Structure for Brass shells scrap price:

These are some factors that affected the price of scrap brass per pound:

  • LME Price:

LME stands for London Metal Exchange, which is a market where non-ferrous metals are sold and bought on a global scale. Copper and zinc, two essential components of brass shells, are measured against the LME pricing for a variety of metals.

  • Scrap Metal Yard Prices:

In between collectors and recyclers, there are scrap metal yards. They pay a price for brass shells based on the LME pricing and other market factors. It’s a good idea to compare costs since scrap metal yards may provide a range of prices.

  • Weight Conversion:

Prices for scrap brass shells may be provided in pounds or kilograms. For suitable price estimates, it is essential to completely understand the weight conversion.


In conclusion, scrap brass from shells is a rich resource in the scrap metal industry. You can understand this market confidently if you understand the variables affecting its price, the pricing structure, and the advice for maximizing returns. When selling your brass shells, keep up with market trends, maintain the quality of your scrap, and select reliable scrap yards. Utilizing these techniques can help you manage your resources sustainably and get the most out of your scrap brass shells.

Abdul Waheed BABAR

Abdul Waheed BABAR

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