Current Brass Scrap Price in the Scrap Market

Updated: 20 Jun 2023


Brass scrap, generated from discarded brass products or manufacturing processes, has attracted significant attention due to its potential economic and environmental benefits. Brass plays a crucial role in a variety of industries, from construction and automotive to electronics and plumbing systems. Let’s know about the brass scrap price.

Current Scrap Prices on Brass:

Metal/MaterialCurrent Price
Bare Bright Wire$3.40/lb
Copper Tubing/Flashing$3.20/lb
Copper Tubing/Bus-Bar$3.00/lb
Roofing Copper$2.85/lb
Brass ( Plumbing, Pipe)$2.05/lb
Brass Shells$1.90/lb
Brass Water meter$1.45-$2.25/lb
Clean Brass radiator$1.95/lb
Dirty Brass Faucets$0.65/lb
Aluminum/Copper Coil (Clean ACR Fin).$1.55/lb
Aluminum/Copper Coil (Dirty ACR Fin).$1.10/lb
Copper Yokes$0.45/lb
Copper Transformers$0.20-$0.30/lb
Small Electric Motors$0.17-$0.25/lb
Alternators / Starters$0.35/lb
Sealed Units$0.15/lb

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What is Brass?

In addition to small amounts of additional components, brass is an alloy mainly composed of copper and zinc. It is well-known for its sturdiness, corrosion resistance, and attractive look. The term “brass scrap” refers to objects made of brass that are no longer used or recycled, such as plumbing fittings, electrical connectors, mechanical parts, and architectural components due to this ability to use scrap price for brass high in the market.

brass scrap price

Factor affecting brass scrap price:

Scrap price for brass depends upon these factors:

  • Global Demand and Supply:

The requirement for raw materials by the world’s manufacturing industry increases the need for brass scrap. Increased building activity, infrastructure improvement, and growth in the economy may all have a big impact on brass demand resulting in higher.

  • Copper and Zinc Prices:

Brass’s main components are copper and zinc, and the market values for these metals directly affect the price of brass scrap. Brass scrap values can vary significantly due to changes in copper and zinc prices, which are influenced by variables such as global supply and demand, geopolitical events, and market speculation.

  • Recycling and Environmental Regulations:

The value of brass scrap in the market has grown due to the focus on sustainability and recycling. Environmental policies which promote recycling and responsible waste management may have an impact on the availability of brass scrap and the price of scrap brass.

  • Quality and Purity:

Brass scrap’s quality and purity are very important factors in determining its pricing. Scrap that is clean, contaminant-free, and wealthier in copper tends to attract higher brass price scrap since it has more value throughout the production process.

How to get the best brass scrap price?

Now that you are aware of the elements that affect the brass price scrap, it is important to understand how to maximize the profit you get from the scrap you have. To maximize your outcomes, adhere to the following suggestions:

Selecting a Reputable Scrap Yard:

Selecting a suitable scrap yard is essential when selling your brass scrap. Look for reliable, long-standing scrap yards that provide honest pricing and open dealings. Compare prices by getting prices from various yards for scrap brass prices to get a high price.

Cleaning and Sorting Your Brass Waste:

Your scrap brass prices could increase if it is sorted and cleaned properly. Sort the various brass alloys, take out any non-metallic attachments, and make sure each item is clean.

How to Time Your Sale:

You can carefully time your sales by watching changes in markets. When the scrap brass prices are high because supply has been limited or demand is high, think about selling.

Bargaining with scrap yards for brass scrap price:

To receive the greatest transaction, don’t be afraid to bargain with scrap yards. If you have an excellent relationship with the yard, they might be more likely to give you acceptable scrap brass prices.

Removing the Middleman:

By avoiding middlemen and selling straight to scrap yards, you can guarantee that the price you get paid for your scrap prices on brass is higher.


Anyone interested in selling this precious material must be aware of the scrap prices on brass. You can increase your profits by learning what determines the price of brass scrap and by adhering to smart selling advice. For best results, consider reliable scrap yards and pay attention to market trends to get best scrap prices on brass.

Can I Sell Mixed Brass Scrap?

Yes, mixed brass scrap may be sold, however, separating it into separate brass alloys might result in higher pricing. For well-sorted scrap, sure scrap yards may provide a higher price.

Can I Get Paid in Cash for My Brass Scrap?

The laws regulating the exchange of cash for scrap vary by area. Some locations accept cash payments, while others only accept non-cash payments to prevent fraud.

How Often Should I Check Brass Scrap Prices Before Selling?

You can identify pricing patterns and choose the best time to sell by constantly monitoring the price of brass scrap. At least once every week, try to check the pricing.

Abdul Waheed BABAR

Abdul Waheed BABAR

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